The New Positive Outlook for Medical Assistants

The future of Medical Assistants

medical assistant

Job Description

A medical assistant is a certified or registered healthcare provider who works as an aid to a healthcare practitioner such as a licensed physician or registered nurse.

His or her purpose is to keep the operation in clinics, hospitals or offices running as smoothly as possible for both the physician and patients coming in for medical visits. Having an efficient and strategy-wise medical assistant is a great asset and advantage to a licensed physician, especially for start-ups and for those who have a very hectic schedule.

Medical assistants can be a bridge or link between the health practitioner and the patient if a situation calls for it.

The tasks that medical assistants do can usually be learned but having enough training and experience is a great advantage for those who are seeking to be one. Most of these tasks are routine procedures, so the longer you are exposed to the job, the better you get at it.

You could be doing some administrative tasks such as welcoming patients when they come in, getting their personal information for records, keeping and arranging patient's medical records, arranging a health practitioner's schedule, setting up appointments, taking care of the billing procedure, handling billing records, answering queries from patients whether its by phone call or in person, calling pharmacies to buy medical supplies, keeping track of medical supplies, paper works and a whole lot more.

Some clinical tasks could include collecting and preparing laboratory specimens, releasing lab results to patients, obtaining vital signs of patients, performing basic laboratory procedure such as obtaining blood specimen or performing x-ray procedure, performing ECG, removing sutures and dressings.

Since medical assistants are not licensed they should be under the supervision of a health practitioner.

Even if you already have a job as a medical assistant, you should always be updated on the latest technologies and news in the health industry to make sure you will remain competent enough to perform your duties well.

This can be done by reading health related materials such as magazines and books or attending seminars.

The Workplace

Medical Assistants work in places like physician offices, ambulatory care centers, clinics, private or public hospitals and in inpatient and outpatient facilities. They are always in contact with people, specifically sick patients who need special attention and care. They always have to be neatly groomed in order to be pleasing and presentable to patients as well as to their bosses.

Educational Requirements

There are some medical assistants who land their job by being trained on the job, but due to tight competition nowadays completing a one year or a two year course or program from a certified school could give you a very big edge in this position.

If you complete a one year program you will be awarded with a certificate or diploma that will allow you to practice your profession. There is no need for a license anymore, unlike with other jobs in the medical field. That is why you should be under the supervision of a licensed health practitioner. If you proceed and finish a 2 year program, you would get an associate degree.

The best candidates for this job are those who are keen for details since you will be dealing with routine tasks and paper works, those who love to be around people, have a pleasing personality, well-equipped and properly trained, certified and those who have experience in the health industry.

Salary Information

The income that a medical assistant make is not fixed. It could be varied depending on where you are practicing your profession, the level of skills you possess which could be determined through your previous experiences related to the field and how long you have been working as a medical assistant.

Just like any other job, the longer you have been into this work, the higher your compensation could be since your experience also widens and your knowledge and skills improves. Medical assistants earned as little as $17,640 for those who are in the lowest 10% and as high as $34, 130 for the highest 10% earners.

Job Outlook

From 2002-2012, the job of medical assistants is estimated to be the single fastest developing career. That only means that this job is greatly in demand as more and more people require health services due to rapid growth of population, technological advancements and a higher rate of people getting older.

Health practitioners alone cannot do their jobs without having someone to help them out in basic clinical duties and office works.