Natural Health Practitioner Program

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Contemporary lifestyle and technological advancement have led people to a lot of changes and modification in their way of life. Most professionals and individuals in all walks of life have adapted the “instant” form of living it up; instant messaging, instant food, instant relationships and so on.

Natural health is one element that others may consider passé but has endured the test and challenges of time and new innovations in the society. The remarkable growth of modern medicine has become a breakthrough, but people still generally see the importance and indispensable contribution and effectiveness of natural health in terms of healthcare and treatment.

Natural health practitioners are professionals who have a significant role in enhancing the totality of wellness and health of most people who still believe and rely on the natural way of treatment and therapy. These professionals are well-trained and skilled in natural health practices and procedures. Those who opted for this kind of healing is introduced to naturopathy, holistic nutrition and herbology.

Processes in natural health ultimately prefer the safe procedures of treatment and even diagnosing some ailments prevalent in a person. Emphasis is centered not only on the physical state of the patient, but encompasses even the mental, spiritual and emotional dimensions. This is the primary principle of natural medicine practiced in natural health.

There are several methods observed and undergone in this particular area of treatment. Most popular of these methods are the use of herbs in medication, massage therapy which is famous not only in healthcare centers but also in many body spas and centers, reflexology, acupressure, yoga and other ancient medicines introduced primarily by the oriental world specifically the Chinese. This entire field does not necessarily apply or give effects to the patient, thus it is the natural health practitioner’s duty to evaluate and assess the right procedure the patient must undergo.

There is an increasing growth of the need for this kind of profession that is why natural health practitioner programs are now offered by a variety of schools and healthcare centers. Candidates would undergo training and skill-enhancement for a number of months up to 3 years. Degrees or certification may vary since some schools provide a more intensive training for candidates to earn higher certifications and license. Others provide short courses which are supplementary to an existing career. There are various sectors in need of natural health practitioners, thus compensation are relatively competitive and rewarding.

Many has taken for granted the notion that basic human needs like food, nutrition and healthcare need not follow the trend of the modern world. When everything else fails, it’s imperative to go back to basics.

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Academy of Professional Careers

  • Campus Location: Boise, San Diego
  • Healthcare Programs: Medical Assisting, Pharmacy Technician, Holistic Health Practitioner, Massage Therapy, Optical Technician, Administrative Medical/Dental Assistant
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Golden State College

National Holistic Institute


Academy of Professional Careers


Ashmead College


Ashmead College