Occupational Therapy Assistant Training

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occupational therapy assistant

Healthcare industry particularly in the field of Occupational Therapy, more and more hospitals and other healthcare centers need staffs to fill this particular position. Patients with physical, mental, emotional and developmental infirmities are unfortunately growing, thus professionals are searched to help and render service to these particular patients.

Occupational therapy assistants are one of the most sought after career in the present times, and there is a foreseeable growth for this job in the coming years until 2014, according to reliable sources in the healthcare business. Furthermore, occupational therapy can provide many professionals a stable and rewarding career that would definitely help not only patients to whom they cater, but also in their personal pursuit and financial concerns.

Primarily, occupational therapists and their assistants work to give aid and help to patients who are suffering disabilities in different aspects such as their emotional, physical, mental and developmental state. The main purpose of their therapy is geared towards, mobility, independence and thus, having a more quality and productive lives. Occupational therapists are the ones formulating a treatment chart to their patients, and it is their assistant’s responsibility to support patients with the exercises and activities prescribed for their rehabilitation in the treatment plan.

Occupational therapy assistants training programs require candidates to earn a 2-year associate degree in occupational therapy. Courses offered within the program are anatomy, basic medical terminology, health care, mental health and medicine fields for both the young and old patients. To gain more credentials and finally qualify, candidates must undergo a clinical fieldwork for actual experience regarding their career. An exam is likewise required for them to be certified occupational therapy assistants.

Occupational therapy assistants is indeed a very demanding field in healthcare. Nevertheless, compensation and rewards may range up to $52,000 for the highest salary rate. Rewards of this job are quite satisfying, but the most contentment may spring from the fact that you have made a lot of people’s lives more worth living.

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